Current Postgraduate Students

  1. Maryam Fanaeepour (together with A/Prof Egemen Tanin)
  2. Soheila Ghane (together with Prof Rao Kotagiri)
  3. Oscar Correa (together with A/Prof Egemen Tanin and Prof Rao Kotagiri)
  4. Amina Hossain (together with A/Prof Egemen Tanin)
  5. Yousef Kowsar (together with Dr Masud Moshtaghi and Prof Christopher Leckie)
  6. Santa Maiti (together with Prof Stephan WInter)
  7. Mahtab Mirmomeni (together with Prof James Bailey)
  8. Somayeh Naderivesal (together with Prof James Bailey)
  9. Anthony Quattrone (together with A/Prof Egemen Tanin)
  10. Mustafizur Rahman (together with A/Prof Egemen Tanin)
  11. Oleksii Vedernikov (together with Prof Rao Kotagiri)

Completed PhD Students

  • Mohammed Eunus Ali, Thesis: Motion-Aware Optimization in Spatial Data Management (together with A/Prof Egemen Tanin and Dr Rui Zhang)
  • Parvin Asadzadeh, Thesis: Proximity-based Location Sensing Using RFID Technology (together with A/Prof Egemen Tanin)
  • Tanusri Bhattacharya, Thesis: Ubiquitous point of interest mining through smartphone sensors (together with Prof James Bailey)
  • Preeti Goel, Thesis: Private Personalized Dynamic Ride Sharing (together with Prof Rao Kotagiri)
  • Tanzima Hashem, Thesis: Privacy Preserving Query Processing for Location-based Services
  • Peter Hebden, Thesis: Self Organisation of Wireless Sensor Networks for Data-Centric Routing using Bloom Filters (together with A/Prof Adrian Pearce)
  • Hengfeng Li, Thesis: Novel Trajectory Inference Algorithms Using Rich GPS Trajectory Data Sets (together with Prof Rao Kotagiri)
  • Yuxuan Li, Thesis: Mining Gap-Constrained Sequential Patterns in Certain and Uncertain Databases (together with Prof James Bailey)
  • Muhammad Umer, Thesis: A Query-Driven Approach to Efficient and Robust Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks (together with A/Prof Egemen Tanin)
  • Ziyuan Wang, Thesis: Proactive Traffic Control Strategies for Sensor-Enabled Cars (together with Prof Rao Kotagiri)
  • Hairuo Xie, Thesis: Privacy-Aware Aggregate Query Processing (together with A/Prof Egemen Tanin)

Previous Masters by Research Students

  • Abida Iqbal, Thesis: Integrating Spatial Data Sets Using Road Networks from Heterogeneous and Autonomous Data Sets (main supervisor: Prof Ian Bishop)
  • Muhammad Atif Mehmood, Thesis: Autonomous Navigation of Mobile Agents Using RFID-Enabled Space Partitions (together with A/Prof Egemen Tanin)
  • Kushani Perera, Thesis: User Centric Cellular Trajectory Inference with Partial Knowledge (together with Prof James Bailey)
  • Archana Sathivelu, Thesis: Efficient Boundary Monitoring for Spatial Phenomena in Sensor Networks (together with A/Prof Egemen Tanin)
  • Janaka Seneviratne, Thesis: Location Proof Architectures (together with A/Prof Udaya Paramapalli)
  • Muhammad Adeel Zafar, Thesis: Location Sensing Based on Passive Devices for a Smart Environment (together with A/Prof Egemen Tanin)

Previous Honours Students

Previous Research Project Students

  • Shazia Haque, Minor Thesis: Algorithms for Reliable Navigation and Wayfinding (together with A/Prof Alexander Klippel)
  • Sin Gee Teo, Minor Thesis: Modeling and Analysis of the Body Movement Based on Accelerometer-Enabled Mobile Phones

Previous Students Involved in Research Projects

  • Athol Birtley
  • Shubham Gupta