ARC LIEF grant success

ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Grant, $200,000. BigNet: A Distributed Wireless Sensor Network Testbed. Chief investigators: M. Palaniswami, R. Kotagiri, R. Tucker, I. Atkinson, P. Pathirana, C. Leckie, P. Mendis, R. Buyya, M. Duckham, S. Halgamuge, G. Woods, L. Kulik, E. Tanin, S. Dey, B. Vo, K. Smith-Miles, M. Zukerman. BigNet will be the first large scale deployment of sensors in Australia and will provide a platform for testing and validation of advanced algorithms and tools.

ARC DP grant success

ARC Discovery Project Grant, $590,000. EPOS: Efficient Processing of Moving Object Streams in Data Management Systems. Chief investigators: R. Kotagiri, L. Kulik, E. Tanin, R. Zhang, H. Samet, H.V. Jagadish. EPOS is a new data management system that will enable monitoring of large numbers of moving objects that have a high number of location updates.