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ARC DP grant success

ARC Discovery Project Grant, $452,000, 2013-2015. Algorithms for collaborative micro-navigation based on spatio-temporal data management and data mining. Chief investigators: R. Kotagiri, L. Kulik, E. Tanin, S. Karunasekera, R. Zhang, H. Samet.

Traffic congestion coupled with greenhouse gas emissions is a major challenge for modern society. This project will tackle this challenge by developing computer-assisted smart vehicles that can access and exchange real-time information about traffic conditions, leading to improved driving experience, safety and environmental sustainability.

ARC LP grant success

ARC Linkage Project Grant, $330,000, 2012-2015. Integrating Mobility on Demand in Urban Transport Infrastructures (iMoD). Chief investigators: S. Winter, M. Savelsbergh, M. Wallace, L. Kulik, R. Kotagiri, R. Thompson, C. Duffield.

Australia’s major cities are substantially challenged for public transport services due to the dispersed and low population densities, and thus, roads are at or beyond their capacity. Smarter demand-responsive public transport services are therefore needed. This project studies the viability of such a service under a variety of scenarios.

ARC LP grant success

ARC Linkage Project Grant, $195,000, 2012-2014. Growing old and staying connected: touch screen technology for ameliorating older people’s experience of social isolation. Chief investigators: F. Vetere, E. Ozanne, L. Kulik.

Social isolation affects many older people. This project investigates novel technologies to prevent and to ameliorate social isolation experienced by older adults. This project will implement and trial a software application over an 18 month period, using a 3G connected touch-screen tablet, and evaluate its impact on alleviating social isolation.

ARC DP grant success

ARC Discovery Project Grant, $300,000, 2011-2013. Managing private location data in a mobile and networked world: getting the balance right. Chief investigators: L. Kulik, E. Tanin, J. Bailey.

Location based data are transforming the mobile service industry and this project will develop novel approaches to safeguard the location privacy of mobile individuals. This will facilitate the development of privacy-aware services which can be used for real time traffic monitoring, care for the elderly and smartphone enabled location services.

ARC LIEF grant success

ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities Grant, $200,000. BigNet: A Distributed Wireless Sensor Network Testbed. Chief investigators: M. Palaniswami, R. Kotagiri, R. Tucker, I. Atkinson, P. Pathirana, C. Leckie, P. Mendis, R. Buyya, M. Duckham, S. Halgamuge, G. Woods, L. Kulik, E. Tanin, S. Dey, B. Vo, K. Smith-Miles, M. Zukerman. BigNet will be the first large scale deployment of sensors in Australia and will provide a platform for testing and validation of advanced algorithms and tools.

ARC DP grant success

ARC Discovery Project Grant, $590,000. EPOS: Efficient Processing of Moving Object Streams in Data Management Systems. Chief investigators: R. Kotagiri, L. Kulik, E. Tanin, R. Zhang, H. Samet, H.V. Jagadish. EPOS is a new data management system that will enable monitoring of large numbers of moving objects that have a high number of location updates.